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Mable Syndrome Punk Rock Podcast

Aug 1, 2017

We made it to episode 25 and this one is filled with lots of punk talk and we cover many bands, see the list below. First, Kristen discusses the up-coming Rancid/ Dropkick/ Souls show and her struggles with scoring an interview. Jessica recaps her recent trip to see Offspring and Sublime with Rome. We discuss the 5 year anniversary of the passing of Tony Sly and the (actually) recent nofx song about him. That leads to a fun conversation about the Punk in Drublic Festival, which Kristen plans to attend in September. We talk about wanting Red City Radio on the podcast, the Bombpops video which is coming out this week, and our starring role in the new Bad Cop Bad Cop video (okay, that's stretching it slightly). We then play two quick rounds of Spit-fire questions and Kristen tries Lays Ketchup Chips for the first time. Bands discussed: No Use for a Name, Bombpops, NOFX, Bad Cop Bad Cop, Red City Radio, Less Than Jake, Rancid, Bouncing Souls, Dropkick Murphys and more Song: I'm so Sorry Tony by NOFX